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InsureShield® Shipping Insurance

Save hours managing shipping claims, keep your customers happy and protect your reputation.

It’s So Much More Than Shipping Insurance's

It’s reputation insurance, be-able-to-sleep-at-night insurance and free-up-your-time-to-focus-on-growing-your-business insurance.

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Reduce Claims Frustrations

File claims online with approved claims paid up to the invoice value of the goods plus shipping expenses.

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Win Over Customers

Issue a refund or a replacement quickly with claims paid in days not weeks and expedited reshipment*.

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Handle Shipping Problems

Protect your goods across carriers and transportation modes and save time comparing tariffs.

We’ve Got Your Back

We know shipping, freight and supply chains. That’s why you get policies designed to address today’s logistics challenges.

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Select My Coverage

See shipping and freight insurance options.

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Connect My Store

Insure Shopify® shipments with an easy-to-use app.

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Manage My Claims

File and manage claims with our 24/7 portal.

Real Customers. Real Solutions.

Featured Resources

Get the latest insights to reduce risk and increase customer satisfaction.

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Supply Chain Risk
Leverage these tips to mitigate your risk.
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2022 Freight Shipping Survey
Learn about the realities associated with shipping freight straight from the people who do it every day.
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2022 State of Shipping Study
Prepare for delivery challenges with UPS Capital’s exclusive report.
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A Long and Winding Road
Motor carrier claims can be a challenge if you aren’t adequately protected.
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Living Up to Expectations
How a positive shipping experience can support your brand.
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Holiday Tips for SMBs
Capitalize on the opportunities of the season.
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Make the Most of Discount Holidays
Strategies for SMBs to capitalize on the giving season.
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Personalized Shipping Experiences: The Next Frontier for eCommerce Report
Learn what consumers are looking for in an online experience.
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Turn Losses Into Wins
Customizable shipping insurance to the rescue.
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Stay Ahead of the Claims Game
Time-saving tips for a smooth claims process.
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2022 Last Mile Report
An exclusive look at same-day delivery risks and rewards.
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Consumer Choice at Checkout
A helpful feature in the InsureShield® App for Shopify.
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Protect Your Greatest Investment
Partner with trusted providers to ensure a better delivery experience.
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How Much Does Cargo Insurance Cost?
Learn the three main factors driving cargo insurance premiums.
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Protect Shipments from Porch Piracy
InsureShield® shipping insurance has got you covered.
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What Is Shipping Insurance?
Find out the benefits for your business.
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What are Incoterms and Why Do They Matter?
Understand what terms you are agreeing to before finalizing a contract.
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How to Strengthen CX by Empowering Customers with Options
Consumers want to be in the driver seat for their delivery experience. See how the InsureShield app for Shopify merchants can support a positive post-purchase experience and give customers more control.
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Picture Perfect
An easy guide for submitting photos to support your claim.
Cargo ship full of shipping containers going through turquoise water


Out to Sea
Can your business stay afloat if a container goes overboard?
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Easy Shipping Insurance App
Cover Shopify® orders with the InsureShield® app.
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*Expedited reshipping reimbursement provided up to 20% of the insured value of the goods.

Insurance coverage is underwritten by an authorized insurance company and issued through licensed insurance producers, including UPS Capital Insurance Agency, Inc. (“UPSCIA”), a subsidiary of UPS Capital Corporation. The insurance company, UPSCIA and its licensed affiliates reserve the right to change or cancel the program at any time. This information does not in any way alter or amend the terms, limitations or exclusions of the applicable insurance policy or program.  Insurance coverage is not available in all jurisdictions.