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Access our partner network to get quick and easy access to InsureShield® shipping protection.

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Connect with a Partner

Choose from one of our many partners, across a variety of categories, to get your shipments covered quickly and easily.

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Become a Partner

Provide a better post-shipping experience to your customers by integrating InsureShield® Connect.

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Partner Claims

Streamline claims through a portal exclusively for partner customers.

The InsureShield Difference

Learn how InsureShield shipping insurance helps these businesses compete and provide a great customer experience.

Customer Associate TUPPS

Shipping Claims Done Right

In a groundbreaking collaboration, The UPS Store® and UPS Capital Insurance Agency have reimagined the way shipping claims are handled.

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Freight Club Case Study

UPS Capital gives shipping platform Freight Club customer service benefits

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AfterShip Case Study

UPS Capital helps AfterShip’s retailers and DTC brands recover when there’s a loss or damage

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