DeliveryDefense™ Shipping Intelligence

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DeliveryDefense™ Shipping Intelligence

Use these solutions to help improve delivery outcomes and reduce losses. 

Delivery Intelligence for Better Shipping Decisions

Leverage enriched delivery data to help understand loss hotspots in your network.

Real Customers. Real Solutions.

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“In an ever changing online world, it is paramount to have as many tools as possible at your disposal to combat online fraud. UPS Capital has created a new DeliveryDefense tool that helps add an additional layer of security and comfort for our company to help ensure that we are getting our packages to the correct customers the most efficient and safest way possible!”

- Corey Reinker, Director UsedPhoto

Solutions to Make Your Shipping Smarter, Not Harder

Enterprise Consulting Services

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Enterprise Consulting Services

Work collaboratively with our expert DeliveryDefense team to identify loss drivers within your network and build recommended process enhancements to help stop them at their origin. 

Address Confidence 

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Address Confidence 

Individually search addresses before you ship to receive a confidence score on their likelihood to result in a successful delivery. 

Address Confidence APIs 

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Address Confidence APIs 

Reduce loss expenses by integrating our Address Confidence APIs into your order fulfillment technology to seamlessly build predictive intelligence into your existing workflows.

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Protect Your Business

Work with a team of logistics professionals to help reduce your risk and enhance customer satisfaction.

Unless otherwise noted, all statistics used herein are derived from or based on information contained in the Address Risk Report, which is based on a compilation of two independent studies conducted by Dynata in December 2022 of 1,000 U.S. consumers aged 18+ and 500 U.S. SMB owners and decision makers whose businesses report $750K - $100M in revenue.

DeliveryDefense™ services are offered through UPS Capital Corporation. UPS Capital Corporation reserves the right to change or cancel any DeliveryDefense service at any time. Each DeliveryDefense service is governed by the applicable terms and conditions and certain limitations and exclusions apply. This document/site is for informational purposes only, is intended only as a brief summary of the services, and does not constitute a contract, agreement, or offer of any kind, with respect to any DeliveryDefense service or other subject matter described herein. DeliveryDefense services may not be available in all jurisdictions. Statistics are valid as of the last day of the most recently ended calendar quarter. Actual scores are based on delivery, claims and other data collected during the 24 months preceding the date the score is rendered.