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SMB Shipping Pulse Check Report: How Shipping Experience is Driving CX

Learn how shipping experience is a key component to CX

Today’s online shoppers are evaluating the shipping experience as a key component to their customer experience (CX), with 90% stating that it accounts for at least half of their total online shopping experience.

The shipping-related issues of SMBs consume a significant amount of time and money. They spend thousands of dollars a month reimbursing lost, stolen, or damaged shipments, and they devote a significant amount of employees’ time handling shipping issues.. As eCommerce continues to grow, SMBs must prioritize solutions to combat CX issues that result from shipping mishaps.

22% of SMBs spend more than $5,000 per month on reimbursing lost, stolen, or damaged shipments.

One-in-five SMB decision makers report spending more than 41 hours per month handling problems arising from shipping issues.

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